Crystal Pendulum with Sterling Silver Chain

$9.00 $25.00

Amethyst or quartz crystal pendulums on a sterling silver chain.

Pendulums have long been used as guidance, dowsing or divining tools. They are thought to pick up information that is otherwise unknown on a conscious level, therefore being used to answer questions and locate hidden or lost objects, targets, substances etc. Crystal pendulums are often favoured for the energy they contain and their strong swing.

Or simply hang it from your rear-view mirror.

The crystals used in these pendulums have been cut and polished from naturally formed quartz or amethyst, meaning that each piece is unique and differs from the next. The crystals may have slight "imperfections" such as uneven colour or tone, minor chips or cracks. This very nature of naturally formed crystals is why we at Bohemian Tapestry love them.

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